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Your Wedding Dreams Can Come True, 
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As a Destination Wedding Planning Specialist, I'm really excited to bring in the New Year, with this amazing Day of Wedding Coordination Package Giveaway! After giving the the 12/13/14 date a lot of thought, I wanted to do something really special because of the special significance of the date.

I've planned weddings with iconic dates, such as 10/10/10, 11/11/11 and 12/12/12, but 12/13/14 will be the last sequential date for many, many, many years, a 100 years to be exact.

Kicking off the New Year!

Making a unsuspecting Bride really, really happy seemed to be the something really special that I was looking for, for this date.

With such a a special date on the wedding planning calendar, 12/13/14 is without a doubt a high demand date for Brides and with that in mind, because I'm extremely passionate about all things weddings, i couldn't think of a nicer way to make a Bride and Groom’s dreams come true and extra special.'

It's a lot of work to plan a wedding and it can be a extremely overwhelming and stressful process, and I believe very Bride and Yes GROOMS too, should have a Wedding Planner so that both can enjoy the planning process without all of the stress.

But for the Bride that wants to plan all of her details, I believe that NO Bride, should have to work her own wedding, or recruit family and friends to work it for her, because with such a special milestone celebration everyone should be able to enjoy the formalities and festivities without any concern about the details that are being put in place on the back end.

My Day of Wedding package, consists of my team and I stepping in around 4 weeks prior to the wedding, though we have been known to step in 2 weeks prior.  The coordination process is made up of tying all of the loose ends together, dotting I's and crossing all of the T's. 

My Brides are more times than not very surprised at how many details they missed during their independent planning, and amazed at the services that we offer in our Day of Wedding package that ensure that each aspect of wedding planning is covered.

The giveaway is a way of helping a Bride to relax during the last few weeks before her wedding, its a way for her to surrender the details and place them in the hands of a professional planner who wants to see her dreams come true.
Contest Time
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Good Luck!!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Proposal

Popping the question can be a huge affair or as simple as you need for it to be. It can cost you thousands, with or without the ring. You can plan it solo  or hire a special event planner to plan the details for you, It can be a private affair or so public that you pop the question in front of thousands.

But if you are anything like the gentleman in the proposal video above, then without a doubt your over thinking things when it comes to popping the question and more than likely not having much fun as you do. So, to help you along, lets get back to basics..

Without a doubt asking someone to marry you is a BIG DEAL,  so what's a guy to do if popping the question has become a stressful anxiety filled ordeal? 

The answer is "Think Simple!" . So here are 5 simple ways to pop the question.

1. As a wedding planner I'm going to say right off the bat, that you need to call my company to manage the details of your proposal for you, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm going to plug my company in this blog, because it's the most sound advice that I could give you as a professional. But seriously, I can help you to create the most romantic proposal ever, one that is going to express everything that's in your heart and make the process of planning it a whole lot of fun.

So, without further ado, please see my contact information on the sidebar and don't be hesitate to use it, because my team and I would be more than happy to help you to create the most magical proposal experience, that will have her talking about it every chance she gets.

2.  An old fashioned proposal for an old fashioned guy, of course has to be the down on your bended knee kind. Typically, this kind of proposal is asked, after a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant where the both of you, are supposedly decked out for a night out on the town, little velvet box in your jacket or trouser pocket,  numerous checks throughout the night to make sure it's still there, as the night plays out, you find yourself waiting for the right moment, to pop the question, to your unsuspecting girlfriend, who if you've planned it right is truly unsuspecting.

Right moment presents itself, it's time to get down on one knee, there you go, take a deep breath, but not too deep, remember to exhale, time to show the pearly white is a huge I love you smile, as you look up at her allow your love to drench your eyes so that you get that extra loving sparkle that us gals love to see.

Next whether she is sitting down or standing up, simply speak from your heart.ending with the 4 most important words that a girl wants to hear be you say I do, and those are "Will You Marry Me?"

The Old fashioned proposal without a doubt earns second place. It's a simple classic and it never loses the  romance.

Extra Tip: An engagement of this caliber will be made all the more special  if you have a few spectators who will  woo and aw at the privilege that they had to witness such a romantically beautiful occasion..

3, She'll have a good idea that something is about to go down with this one and her heart will be thumping in her chest like a tennis ball against a brick wall, but even so, as the both of you play the role of proposal asker and proposal yeser, (<--new word) the build up to the moment is bound to take a gals breath away as this can still be totally beautiful and forever memorable occasion.

Though popping the question in a beautiful restaurant was number two on the Tip List, spectators are not  at always necessary for this restaurant setting number 3 variation, because with this tip you are going to either spend a few extra bucks, to reserve the entire restaurant for the night, or if that's not a possibility, you're going pick a night that isn't typically busy for the restaurant and if at all possible reserve the restaurants private room if they have one..

Extra Tip: For number three choose an upscale restaurant, the kind of restaurant where romance comes on the menu and they have marriage proposals down to a science. Think dim lighting or the soft warm glow of candlelight, think soft music old classics at that, the "Gone with the Wind"  and "Heathcliff." movie kind of music, or hire someone to sing or play romantic melodies. A strummed guitar, a violin, a soloist or mariachi band.

Pay attention to every detail imaginable, from crisp linens on the table, sparkling crystal champagne flutes and the best bubbly that your money can buy to pulling out her chair and placing the napkin on her lap, to an attentive wait staff that can address the the breadcrumbs on the table.

Arrange with the restaurant ahead of time, to have "THE RING" in a glass of bubbly or her favorite cocktail, preferably a light colored cocktail so that it can be seen.

Not feeling the ring in the glass? then have the kitchen staff put the ring on a slice of cake for the two of you to share. Note the on top of cake part. Don't get overly creative in thinking it's better to have the ring embedded in cake or cake frosting, wrong, think emergency dental, broken tooth or worse, her swallowing it, only to have all that hard earned cash, flushed away. (Hope you follow my drift, yeah you got it.)

Once the ring has been discovered speak the 4 little words with big impact.

4. Plan and Host your own engagement party, outside of your home.
This is where you see how wonderful your friends are, by seeing if your Best Friend  will allow you to host your party at his or her house. If you get the go ahead, great! Bring on the nibbles and the best champagne  to toast with when she says yes.
Note: Though you will know what the party is all about, your girlfriend, or partner won't. What she or he will know however, is the buzz for excitement that comes from all of your friends collectively about having to attend the best party of the century.
Once the party is in the works, meet greet and mingle, and just when he or she is having a great time, crack those bones by getting on one knee have the DJ screech the CD and pop the question.

5.Now this one is my favorite lets be original Tip. "Food Glorious Food." Go grocery shopping and hand her a can or boxed food item so that she can read the label. and what she will discover on the prettiest sticky label that you can find, his your handwriting asking her to marry you. Yes, right there in the supermarket, now don't just leave it at that, once she reads it, and her mouth is wide open and her eyes are wide from bugging out, get down on one knee and make it an official proposal.

So there  you have it, 5 Tips and 1 extra tip on how to pop the big question.

Let me know how it goes.



Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Men's Fashion Trends

Men who wear pink always seem to get a second glance, quickly followed by a smile and a nod of approval from women who admire the wearer's willingness to embrace such a feminine color.

Which brings me to Men's Fashion Trend for 2013 and the Groom that isn't afraid to incorporate unique touches, that will enable him to strut the latest styles and break away from "cookie cutter" styles in men's suits and formal wear.

In 2010, I wrote an article for the Yahoo Contributors Network, (Associated Content.) about the upcoming fashion trend in men's suits and formal wear for the year 2011. In that article one of the questions that I asked was"Is men's clothing ever trend setting? When it appears as though 95% of the male population seem to be wearing the same "Cookie Cutter" look, day in and day out.  Where are designer fashions for men in today's society?  It would appear to be on the bold 5% who have stepped outside the box, in order to embrace the latest styles in men's fashion and it's the 5% that clearly stands out in a crowd,  as they exhibit a refreshing attitude and approach towards fashion.  

Their confidence clearly makes the statement that "You wear the clothes and the clothes don't wear you," and it's a given that they own the kind of  style and confidence that could make them wear a helium balloon and look totally delicious as they claim the look, with attitude.


So for all you trendy guys and trendy guys in the making and yes even for trendy guy wannabes and trendy wishful thinkers,  before I tell you whats hot and trendy for 2013 and what's NOT! Let me recap, the last 3 years.

In 2010 the double breasted suit resurfaced again after its dormant period, only as it did, it was more European in cut and style, slim fitting, modern and tailored. Whilst this "classic suit" remained classic for men who were still wearing their double breasted suits during the dormant period of the double breasted classic fashion,  the designers were busy sketching and planning their catwalk reveals.  For those of you who held on faithfully and with complete loyalty to your double breasted "classic suit" of  five years or more, as you shook it out of the garment bag, I'm sure it became quite evident that the style of your faithful  classic, had aged and as a result dated to an almost prehistoric look. The reason for this is, when the fashion designers start sketching and their models hit the runway with their latest designs, the designers have already determined the verbiage, to describe their line and s soon as they use the word, modern, it instantly dates their previous collection and pushes bygone years further down the line. 

So, though you're shaking your faithful "classic" out of its garment bag, you have to be extremely careful not to confuse vintage apparel with totally WRONG and if its wrong chances are, it should be GONE! unless of course you have the kind of fashion sense to rock your old classic, in a uniquely updated and trendy way, that causes you to stop traffic because you look so good and your overall image is on point.

In 2011 the single breasted suit, which did not and still has not left the fashion scene, was  revamped with a sleek cut, that brought the introduction of the "New Classic" whereby creating a masculine silhouette that emphasized the word "Modern." Trousers were slimmer and jackets were designed to complement the male physique, by broadening shoulders and giving the appearance of a trim waist.
Fabrics consisted of wool, a traditional classic for suits and lighter weight fabrics like cotton and linen. Although, linen was and still is prone to creases, it still remained top choice for destination and summer time suits and the creases that come as a result of wearing it are with slight confusion accepted with a slight oh no his pants and jacket are crushed look from people checking you out.

The arrival of Velvet as the new "In" in men's fashion,  yes" velvet" was the latest in suit material trends, with blue velvet been the huge trend setter for 2011. I must admit that I liked the look for those brave enough to wear it, especially in bold greens and purples.

For men who looked to rentals to rent their suits and tuxedos, the designers churned out a few new styles, produced a few new cuts and introduced a few new colors; even so, the Bride still holds the cards as far as having the final word on what her Groom will wear on their day. Which means that individuality and personal style still remains MIA as the "Cookie Cutter" men's fashion unified wedding look,  for the Groom and his Grooms men, hasn't changed.

Though the discount suit rental price graces the pages of rental books as amazing rental price offers, in 2012 the  price tags for these suits amazing or not, where commonly shunned by a younger group, as styles in the lower price range were without a doubt out dated. Yes, horror of all horrors, the discounted suit is the 5 year closet double breasted classic. Yikes, with large lapels and wider cut in trousers, the younger generation, just aren't having it, so old faithful, seemed to be geared towards a much older age group who aren't strutting fashion but merely wearing it because it's somewhat expected and therefore accepted.

However, that been sad, I'm sad to say that if you're looking through the fashion collection in Jim's Formal wear, Sacino's Black Tie Limited and Men's Warehouse, they all seemed to be carrying the same men's fashion, hardly anything has changed,  even with designer names on the tags and increase in complementing bridal party colors are exciting. Its the same suits on the same models, with the same look. Despite all of the great looks that were revealed on fashion catwalks, in London, Paris, Milan and New York.

Which brings us to 2013, drum roll please.  Enjoy 2013 Spring/Summer Catwalk. Credits:  Dolce & Gabbana FW 2013 Men's Fashion show.

2013 is all about the cut, which still remains slim fitting, but now resembles the 1960's Beatles era.   It's all about the statement, clean lines and a clean cut, with color emphasis that pick up on attention to detail when it comes to accessories.

The three piece suit is out there, but make sure you theme it with some great accessories, which include wider ties in bolder colors and solid colored pants, with plaid  style jackets.

That been said,  two piece suits remain ever popular on the 2013 fashion catwalks, with
colors varying from different shades of grey, blues and blacks, though blacks are less bold in color and instead incorporate hints of grey.

Fabrics have sheen, and are lightweight and prone to creases which seems to be as much a part of the trend as the overall cut is. Stripes and Plaids are back in, but with fine lines that are barely visible in some styles, however, that doesn't mean to say that bold stripes and plaids aren't in because for 2013 they definitely are.


However, if you're wearing your three piece remember to go wide on the tie, but if your wearing  a two piece, ties should be long and slim line. 

The handkerchief is definitely back, as an accent, adding a statement piece to the overall look, but again, three piece suit wearers, remember to go bolder in color accessories, and for two piece suit wears, remember to keep it toned down, with more solid colors.    

In summary the 2013 fashion trend is about keeping your apparel slim fitting and stylish as you wear the look with confidence.  As you think about you're 2013 walldrobe remember to think about resurrecting head turning 1960's vintage.
For the Groom and his Groom's men, don't be afraid to step outside the box and break away from the traditional classic look of the formal suit and tux instead opt for classy looking plaids and stripes, slimmer pants and jackets, as you compliment the look, with solid color accessories, and last but not least, don't forget to complete the look with a pointer toe shoe. Think Beatle mania, and you won't go wrong.